PLM2000 Series Pick & Place Machines
Hot-bar Soldering Machines for Luxeon Emitters
SPM100 Series Manual Stencil-Printers
Full convection reflow oven BTO Series
PLM4000 Series Pick & Place Machines
VIS6400 Series Vision Inspection Systems
SMD Sockets and Flat Ribbon Cable Soldering Machines
Heat sealing equipment

About us

The geographical expansion of electronic module manufacturers from Western and Central Europe towards Eastern Europe is a fact nowadays. Because of joining the European Union and because of its history and traditions in manufacturing electronic modules Bulgaria has become a key territory for western investors and firms. To win their place in the electronics market Bulgarian manufacturers and suppliers, they must have the equipment meeting the technical requirements of the leading firms, and quality corresponding to the European standards. In Bulgaria there are several distributors of SMT equipment and only one manufacturer – IVAS Tech Ltd.

IVAS Tech Ltd. is created in the year 2000. For the short time in the Bulgarian and world market the firm earns its place as a reliable manufacturer of automated systems for electronics production. Because of dynamic innovations, guaranteed reliability and high quality our products are highly appreciated both on the Bulgarian and international markets. Our clients are firms from Germany, England, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, China, Argentina and Taiwan.

The main groups of costumers that we work with are the small and middle size manufacturers selling their own products, and companies saturating PCBs for their clients.
IVAS Tech offers four main products: PLM200, HBSM, BTO and SPM100.

  • PLM2000 Pick and Place platform handles extremely high component mix.
  • HBSM is the most advanced, multi-flexible system for automated  Hot-Bar soldering of Luxeon type power light emitters.
  • The BTO is a series of reflow ovens with air convection. They are as perfect for small and mid productions of SMT as well as hybrid PCBs. The heating zones are micro-controller operated, which gives higher precision over the temperature profiles.
  • SPM100 is a manual stencil printer for laying on soldering paste on PCBs with the use of pre made stencil. The construction of the printer restricts the operator’s actions so that the process is repeatable.

The advantages that IVAS Tech guarantees to its clients are :

  • Equipment with flexible and advanced technological systems that guarantee high quality of your production.
  • Highly qualified staff, which cam offer a concrete solutions meeting  the specific requirements of every client.
  • Technological solutions developed entirely for your manufacturing.
  • Fast reaction from our staff in case you are require technical or software help.
  • Guaranteed high quality of the technical support.

We in IVAS Tech are currently working on several projects including faster pick and place machine and an automatic stencil printer. Our ambition is to become a manufacturer of full line of equipment for automated assembly of PCBs.
In today’s dynamic market the need for innovation, reliability and quality is growing even more. IVAS Tech supplies a wide scale of solutions and service, which will higher quality and flexibility of your working process. Our goal as firm is to resolve your manufacturing problems and to supply you with the right technological solutions for the progress of your business.

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